This Sunday BBF had a wonderful service.

Pastor Augustine Bhasker opened the service with responsive reading from Psalm 57 and prayed. Pastor Albert Devis (Guitar) and Debbie (Singing) led us through a time of worship. John Manohar made the announcements and also led sharing of praise and prayer request. Pastor Augustine Bhasker did Intercessory prayer. Dharma collected offertory and prayed. John Manohar read the bible passage with responsive reading before the sermon. Pastor Augustine Bhasker conducted the closing Benediction.

Sermon: Pastor Augustine Bhasker.
Bible Passage: Revelation 2:1-7.
Topic: Church in Ephesus.
Take away: continue to pray for these points-

  1. To be a praying church, to pray for each other.
  2. To be witnesses.
  3. The church to grow.
    Emphasizing on “Be Strong and Courageous”.

You can listen to the sermon by clicking this link.

Bright Gems – Sunday school @ 10:30am

led by Sanjana Manohar.

Kids had a wonderful time listening to the story of Naaman’s obedience and Gehzia’s disobedience. Bible portion:2 kings 5. M.V: Psalms 56:3. Take away: Every Choice either good or bad has a consequence.


  1. Sunday we have message from Rev. Augustine Bhasker.
  2. Cottage prayer for the month of Oct is open any member is interested to have in their residence please contact Pastor Augustine Bhasker.
  3. We will have fasting prayer on both Wednesday and Friday at our respected houses or can meet at pastor Augustine Bhasker residence at 6pm but will be one in Spirit.
  4. After BBF Sunday regular service we will join back for half an hour to pray for each other on alternate Sundays when there is no BBF Women’s Bible Study.
  5. On 2nd and 4th Sunday post BBF Sunday service women’s will continue with bible study, which will be led by Mrs. Sarah Augustine.
  6. Celebration for the month of Oct: 5th Mr. Nidheesh Abraham Birthday, 20th Ms. Rashmi Birthday, 24th Ms. Debbie Birthday.

Financial Statement of BBF

  • Offering (20 Oct 19) – Rs 5,360/-.
  • Church Expenses – Rs 125/-.
  • Cash in hand – NIL.
  • Bank debit – Rs 2000/-.
  • Bank credit – Rs 5,235/-.
  • Bank Balance –Rs 3,47,702.45/-.

Praise (Celebrations) & Prayer Requests (Petitions)

  1. BBF is upcoming with fasting family prayer for two days on Wednesday and Friday at our respected houses or can meet at Pastor Augustine Bhaskar residence at 6pm with one spirit.
  2. Please continue to keep Prashant and Swathi in your prayers. Specially Swathi’s health.
  3. Continue to keep John Manoharan and Prashant in your prayers as they are searching for a house.
  4. Please keep Roslyn and her 02 kids Roshan and Raunaq in your prayer. Specially, the Saloon business which Roslyn is running.
  5. Please keep Mareen cousin’s 05 year old niece Lydia who went to be with lord due Dengue fever.
  6. Continue to keep Leslie in your prayers as she is suffering from back pain.
  7. Pray for all the BBF families for the personal, financial, protection, spiritual needs and God’s guidance.
  8. BBF Pastor, BBF Trustees, BBF bright gems, BBF youth group, BBF cottage prayer and BBF Women bible study group.
  9. Please continue to pray for Bangalore Bible Fellowship as a church.

Regards and Blessings,
Bangalore Bible Fellowship

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