This Sunday BBF had a wonderful service.

Pastor Augustine Bhasker opened the service with responsive reading from Psalm 46 and prayed. James (Guitar) led us through a time of worship. Prashant made the announcements and also led sharing of praise and prayer request. Pastor Albert Davis did Intercessory prayer.  Kalai collected offertory and prayed. Pastor Augustine Bhasker conducted the closing Benediction.

Sermon: Dr. Madana Kumar.

Bible Passage: 1 Samuel 13:11-12, 18:7-9, 22:7-8, 2Kings 22:2, 1 Peter 2:21-25, Romans 8:38-39.


Continue to pray for these points-

  1. To be a praying church, to pray for each other.
  2. To be witnesses.
  3. The church to grow.

Emphasizing on “Be Strong and Courageous”.

You can listen to the sermon by clicking this link.


Bright Gems – Sunday School at 10:30AM led by Sanjana Manohar.


  1. Sunday we have message from Rev. Augustine Bhasker.
  2. Cottage prayer for the month of Nov is open. Any member interested to have in their residence can contact Pastor Augustine Bhasker.
  3. We will have fasting prayer on both Wednesday and Friday at our respected houses. On Friday Pastor Augustine will organise fasting prayer at Church.
  4. Celebration for the month of Nov: 13th Dharma Lakshmi Birthday, 21st Mrs. Lizy Philip Birthday, 30th Pastor Ashish Chrispal Birthday and Prashant Srinivas wedding Anniversary.

Financial Statement of BBF 17Nov19

  • – Offering – Rs 3,470/-.
  • – Tithes – Rs 4,500/-
  • – Mission Fund – Rs 1,000/-
  • – Church Expense – 500/-.
  • – Bank debit – Rs 1,000/-.
  • – Bank credit – Rs 8,470/-.
  • – Bank Balance –Rs 3,54,817.45/-

Praise (Celebrations) & Prayer Requests (Petitions)

  1. BBF is having family fasting prayer for two days on Wednesday and Friday at our respected houses or can meet at Church (7PM) with one spirit.
  2. Continue to Keep Pastor Ashish Chrispal and Susan in your prayers as they would be celebrating their Anniversary on 30Nov.
  3. Continue to keep Dharma in your prayers as she celebrated her Birthday on 13Nov.
  4. Continue to keep Pastor Albert son Jonathan in your prayers as he celebrated his Birthday.
  5. Continue to keep Mrs. Philip in your prayers as she would be celebrating her Birthday on 21Nov.
  6. Please keep Ravi Living Stone in your prayers. He is suffering from Back pain and to give him the strength to travel long distances.
  7. Please Pray for Gerard wife as she visited BBF for the first time.
  8. Continue to keep Prashant and Swathi in your prayers. Specially Swathi’s health.
  9. Continue to keep John Manoharan and Prashant in your prayers as they are searching for a house.
  10. Continue to pray for Sanjana, Jude,Nathaniel complete recovery from health problems.
  11. Please keep John Manoharan Dad as he is admitted at Baptist. Last few day’s he is suffering from Hematuria. He has multiple blood clots in his bladder.
  12. Please keep Kalai brother Kalimuthu to grow in faith with Jesus.
  13. Continue to keep BBF Children and Young people of BBF in Your Prayers.
  14. Continue to pray for BBF family to be bound in love and commitment with each other.
  15. Please keep Rosaline complete recovery from cough and cold.
  16. Pray for all the BBF families for the personal, financial, spiritual needs and protection through God’s Guidance.
  17. BBF Pastor, BBF Trustees, BBF bright gems, BBF youth group, BBF cottage prayer and BBF Women bible study group.
  18. Please continue to pray for Bangalore Bible Fellowship as a church.

Regards and Blessings,
Bangalore Bible Fellowship

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