We are a body of believers, making a difference, as light and salt,
at the workplace, and in the community, under the Lordship of Christ.

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Date : 25th Feb., 2018

Dear BBF Family,

This Sunday BBF family had a wonderful service.
The service began with responsive reading from Psalm 145, James (Guitar) led us through the time of worship and felt the presence of God. John Manohar made announcement and also led the praise and prayer request. Nathanael collected the offertory. Intercessory Prayer led by Sherly. The word of God was shared by Pastor Albert Davis and closed service with Benediction.
Sermon: Pastor Albert Davis
" Those who know their God shall be strong and carry out great exploits" (Dan.11.32)

Daniel not only  prophesied about events in his own time,in which the nations were  going through war, conquest, oppression, and suffering, but also  Gods dealing with his people and his acts in the history of those nations. Daniel also prophesied about events that would take place in the future even at the very end of time.

In this context in chapter 11 different historical periods are referred to

11.2. Refers to the Persian period.
11.3  Refers to the Greek period.
11.4  Refers to the Egyptian period.
11.6 Refers to  the Syrian  period

The point here is in the midst of the war,conquest, oppression and suffering there comes a prophetic word: "Those who know their God shall be strong and do great exploits"

This became a word of hope to all those who heard id in Daniel's time and all those after Daniel down to this present day.Because this  prophetic word when you meditate on it and receive by faith gives us hope. Because not the the rulers of the world nor the political parties or their leaders are in charge of the world, but the God of the Bible  "The most high is the sovereign over the kingdoms of men" (Dan.4.17)

We also clearly see that Daniel and his friends ;Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego proving the truth of this truth that ,  "Those who know their God shall be strong and do great exploits"(Dan 11.32)

So dear friends Is there a big "gap" in our relationship with God and His Son our Lord Jesus Christ in knowing God and his ways? Can you prove the truth of this word:
"Those who know their God shall be strong and do great exploits" in our lives? May God help us to develop a discipline that will help us to know him  so that we will be strong and do great exploits.

 Financial Statement of BBF this Week 
- Offering of this Sunday (21Oct18)- Rs 3,150/-
- Tithe of last Sunday -  NIL
- Expenses of this Sunday – NIL
- Mission fund - NIL.
- Cash in hand – NIL.
- Bank debit – Rs 2000/-
- Bank credit – Rs 3,150/-
- Bank Balance –Rs 3,85,547.40/-

Bright Gems : Sherly John 
Bible Portion : Exodus 1-3
Story : The Israelities are oppressed, Birth of moses and the burning bush.
Memory Verse : Exodus 3:5
Take Away - When God Chooses you for a task He also gives you wisdom.

Announcements :
1. Next week's speaker is Dr. Madana Kumar.
2. On 28Oct'18 BBF will be celebrating "Thanks Giving Day" service.

Praise (Celebrations) & Prayer Requests (Petitions)
1. Pastor Albert Davis family friend Mr. Bending's wife who was suffering from cancer went to be with lord on 25Oct morning 3:30. Please pray for God's comfort and counsel to prevail in the family.
2. Bejoy (James friend) for whom BBF was praying is recovering well post the surgery, continue to pray for complete healing.
3. Joel (Kalai's nephew) is often falling ill, please pray for healing and good health.
4. Prabha from Campus crusade has again been diagnosed with cancer, please pray for God's healing touch and get completely rid of Cancer.
5. Praise God for all the ministry opportunities Johnathan is receiving, continue to pray for Johnathan and family. 
6. Continue to pray for Karuna and family who are in Gurgaon now.
7. Praise God for protecting Nathanael from a big fall.
8.Please pray for John Manoharan, for new opportunity and openings business/job openings.
10. Pray For all the BBF families for the personal, financial, protection, spiritual needs and God’s guidance.
11. BBF Trustees, BBF bright gems, BBF youth group, BBFcottage prayer and BBF Women bible study group.
12. Please continue to pray for Bangalore Bible Fellowship as a church.  

Regards and Blessings,
Bangalore Bible Fellowship

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